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From Atlanta to Broadway

May 24, 2019

In this episode, we sit down with Susan Lee, founder of Camp Broadway based in New York. Susan shares her own distinct career path within the Broadway realm and gives us insight into the Camp Broadway mission and core philosophy.

During the interview we explore topics including how Camp Broadway crafts authentic...

May 16, 2019

In this episode, we sit down with the team from the ArtsBridge Foundation to learn about the Shuler Awards, which is Georgia's equivalent to the Tony Awards for High School Musical Theater programs. 

We get an overview of the process and qualifications to enter, the adjudication process, and the massive undertaking that...

May 16, 2019

In this episode, we are honored to speak with Michelle Evans, an experienced acting and college audition coach. She shares many pearls of wisdom on the following topics:

  • Do you need an acting coach?
  • Finding the right acting technique
  • Preparing for the college process and when to start
  • Evaluating a college program and...

May 10, 2019

Welcome to the From Atlanta to Broadway podcast, where parents of a Broadway hopeful delve into triple threat musical theater training, varied career paths in the Broadway realm, the college audition process, Broadway shows, and more. Also look for local training options, audition, and shows.

In this introductory...